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Office for iPad: 3 free alternatives to Microsoft’s productivity suite


Office suite of productivity for iPad was launched recently. Unfortunately, their free version has limited functions and does not allow edit documents.

But if you want to create files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint using only your iPad, just check this list of three alternatives to the official 100% free application. (more…)

Top 6 Apps to enhance and increase your reading speed


Would like to learn to read at lightning speed, but not sure how? An application under development called Spritz seems to solve this problem.

The Spritz uses a revolutionary method of speed reading. The words are added one by one instead of whole pages. So you can read without looking up and therefore faster than the traditional way. All this without harming the understanding of the text. There seems a wonder?

But, however improbable it may seem, the idea is not new. The method has been studied since the 70s and other applications of ultrafast reading that offer similar functions are available for iOS and Android. (more…)

Best programs to control the other PC remotely


Need remote control PC? I tell you what are the best free programs to do so.

The remote control applications allow you to manage your PC without being in front of him, which is more useful than it seems. For example, you could use if you have forgotten some documents at home, you want to see a photo or just turn off the PC you left on by mistake.

There are many programs that let you do this, and one of the most popular of recent times was LogMein. Unfortunately, no longer offers a free service, but do not worry: here are 6 free alternatives to handle your PC wherever you are. (more…)

Top 6 Tools to measure the speed of your PC


My computer roars, staggers and falls. My patience is running out. Or is it just my imagination? How I can know how fast does my PC?

The benchmarks will help to answer this question. These programs measure the performance of your PC – giving you different results according to the method used. In this article we present six programs that examine thoroughly your computer for both home users and those who just enjoy games. (more…)

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