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The Best Apps to Create Videos in Slow Motion

Slow Motion

The app stores Google Play and Apple App Store are full of applications to make videos in slow motion. If your phones are an Android or iOS last generation – type Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6, for example – they already have the way to slow integrated motion. However, the iPhone 4S, the Nexus 5 smartphone Nokia Lumia or not.

Note that the applications listed below allow you to create videos in slow motion, but do not increase the number of frames per second while you record video. To get a nice slow motion and fluid, you should take into account this parameter. We highlight, as always ahead, Apple with the iPhone 6, which allows, for example, shooting at 240 frames per second.

For those who do not want to put your hand in your pocket for simple functionality, here are the best apps to create videos in slow motion. (more…)

8 Alternatives to WhatsApp for Windows Phone


In communication and messaging WhatsApp not all. In Windows Phone there are many quality alternatives, we’ve decided to compile an article. So if you WhatsApp becomes unavailable, will not be the end of the world. (more…)

How to control the use of mobile data and voice


A data plan is essential to fully enjoy the mobile Internet. But what happens when you spend the consumption limit set by the rate? Either the speed collapses or start pay per mega more. And the same goes for calls: call involves more than established penalties.

To avoid surprises, nothing beats control applications consumer, valid for both data for calls. In this article we show you the best for each mobile operating system, and also explain you how to check your data usage and voice from the PC through the Internet. (more…)

4 free alternatives to Nero

To burn a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray you need not pay for a program like Nero, the disc writer most downloaded.

There are many free disk recorders, some of great quality and almost as complete as the retail version of Nero

We present below a selection of the 4 most interesting free recorders, so choose the one that suits you. (more…)

10 plugins and add-ons that can improve your PC


These utilities improve your PC and make it more secure. And best of all they are free. What are you waiting for download?

When you format a PC or buy a new one, install a list of essential utilities is a good start, but not enough to fully enjoy Windows. We must go one step further and add all the plugins, codecs, patches, updates, and libraries that the PC needs to operate with ease.

Many of these essential components are not included in the operating system, and therefore we present here a quick list of what you need to survive in a newly installed Windows. (more…)

3 free editing software to enhance your videos


The Studio program GoPro CineForm Studio formerly been included in all GoPro, small cameras have revolutionized a market previously reserved for a few passionate.

Especially designed for MP4 staying in SD card files cameras, GoPro Studio has its limitations. To better understand the pros and cons of assembly programs, We offers you three different cases (long videos, clips of a few seconds and time-lapse). (Get Wondershare Video Editor Coupon Code Here) (more…)

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