Download MP3 tracks from any playlist from Spotify to TunesGO


The TungsGO is a service of streaming music that looks a lot like Spotify, but with a difference: it does not store any music, it’s just a more organized way to listen to YouTube content.

Look for albums and artists exactly as seen on Spotify. The songs are organized by album, and the app shows all available singles and albums of a band in order of release.

You can start listening even without placing the order, it is not mandatory. However, to be able to save playlists, you must create an account. You can use social networks to log or even an email, if you prefer. Find your favorite artists and listen to all the albums in order or shuffled, using the shuffle.

If the tracks are available from the files shared by users, you can download directly from the software, with one click. The spotify downloader, however, does not offer legalized music.

The Tunesgo is an interesting service for those who like Spotify but want a completely free alternative and no audio advertisements in the middle of the musical content. It brings albums and singles of various artists, using YouTube and SoundCloud as database, but with a better organization than to those sites.

The truth is that one need not look far to understand that Tunesgo is a copy of Spotify giant. The whole visual concept (although the Musicfy be red and Spotify being green) is inspired by this streaming service, even though in a much more limited way. It is possible to actually compare the two from the standpoint of content, since Spotify has a virtually unique service playlists and social interaction.

However, the organization does the Tunesgo ugly and is not far behind: this site is a great way to listen to music in an intuitive way, as it separates all the albums from your favorite artists in a well organized manner. Of course, being a service that uses YouTube as a source, there is plenty of content that may not be available or have low quality.

The Tunesgo presents itself as a free alternative to listen to your favorite artists, with a satisfactory quality, but it is not exactly a competitor at the height of Spotify. If you do not mind some reproductive failures and use a streaming service with a considerably smaller audio library, this site is a good alternative to free the giant of online music.

It is worth noting that the Tunesgo is a very recent service, then it is very possible that changes in the layout and even in the catalog appear over time. Even so, it already keep an eye on, as this may be one of the best highlights to listen to music for free.

10 Tips to Make your Mac Computer Faster


Although very efficient, the Mac, just like any other computer, may have slowdowns during use. Thinking about it, the TechTudo prepared this tutorial with 10 solutions to make your faster Mac OS and settle down performance problems.

How to format an external hard disk on Mac OS X

The slowness is due to various reasons, ranging from a bad connection to the web, problems with memory device RAM or other components start to run slowly. Check out how to supercharge your Mac:

1. Delete files and folders that are not used
Over time, when using the computer, it’s common to accumulate many unnecessary files. And this may be one reason for the slowness of your Mac. This is because the amount of space occupied in HD can affect the processing machine.

Clean the files you no longer use, especially those who are in “Transfer” – this folder are all the files that you downloaded to download and does not necessarily need to use more. Also clean the work area and see if there are also programs and applications that can be sent to the recycle bin.

2. Check the internal hard drive of your Mac
Take the opportunity to understand what you are taking up most of the memory of your machine, see if you can increase the size and delete what it really is not necessary.

To access the internal hard drive, click the Apple icon in the upper left corner, then press on “About this Mac” and finally, “Storage”. By doing this, you can see how many GBs are in use and consequently, what space is left.

3. Use the CleanMyMac app
The Clean My Mac application is a best mac cleaner software to help make your machine faster. That’s because the app works like a “broom” that erases everything that is leaving the slow computer, as caches, unnecessary extensions, applications, among other things. The program is free to try and worth to help slow your machine. Continue reading 10 Tips to Make your Mac Computer Faster

How to send music and apps for iPhone and iPad without iTunes

And then, my dear friends! Everything’s good? Here as well. As some of you may already know, iTunes is developed management software for Apple devices that allows transfer, photos, music, videos, applications, books and other types of files. However, falls between us, it is sometimes very difficult to make file transfers through it, especially music, you should understand what I’m talking about right haha. This rage!

This week I met Tenorshare, or more precisely the Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro, which is very handy for those who still gets a little confusing when using iTunes and looking for an alternative that can replace the apple software. It is also a software that lets you manage and transfer files to Apple devices, such as music, videos, photos, apps and more.

In the early days of software use I found it fantastic just because allowing me to transfer files to my iPhone more easily and much faster than if you were doing for iTunes. To send music, I connected my iPhone to the computer, open the software, I played in “add”, I selected the songs I wanted and he sent for the iPhone. I did not have to make those numerous steps that it takes to send iTunes as teaching this link. It really was a lot easier than I thought.

There are currently two versions Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro available, free and paid. The free version despite having limited functions still worth using, it allows you to transfer music, videos, photos, apps, notes, books, and also make a general cleaning and accelerate your iPhone, iPad or iPod going on the “Speedup & Clean” . The paid version is much more complete. It does everything that the free version does and then some, and transfer files, clean and speed up your device, it has 4 great features you know below:

Backup & Restore: iPhone data recovery function allows you to make and restore a backup of the entire contents of your device.
Remove Ads: You know those free applications that are crowded those annoying ads and ask for you to pay to remove the app ads, then this function does this without you having to pay anything. Just open the Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro, select the application you want to remove the ads and tap “Remove All Ads”
Fix iOS Stuck: Have you ever in your life (or not) you may have tried to put your iPhone into recovery mode or DFU because of an error in iOS, and to enable both modes you need to do some maneuvers with the home button and power. The function Fix iOS Stuck allows you to put your iPhone in DFU mode or recovery without any pressure, just go in the function tab and tap “Start Now.”
Repair Operating System: Makes a repair on every system from your Apple device to check for any bugs that must be fixed.

Well, this is the Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro, a great tool for that is not yet used to the iTunes and is looking for something more simple and effective. It is available for both Windows and Mac / OS X, download to your computer and tell us what you think.

PhoneClean Promises to Cleanup of the Memory Space on your iPhone

iPhone Cleanup

Apple allows users to have direct access to the iOS file system. For iPhone and iPad iTunes is the official transfer software. In addition, there are free alternatives, such as the iDevice Manager, which displays the memory contents of the connected device in the “File Explorer”. A complete overview of the contents of iOS stores at which point you but do not get as iOS directs all requests in the background.

Photos, delete, movies and apps, brings memory

The easiest way to reclaim space on the iPhone and the iPad is deleting unnecessary apps. Under “> General> User Settings” iOS is the largest storage space usage by apps, sorted. Who much photographed with the iPhone and iPad, is “Photo & Camera” always on top. On our test unit 23.4 GB of 64 GB of total memory were occupied by photos and videos. Unnecessary images and videos can be sorted out with iTunes when syncing or – if the shots were fired on iOS device – Delete the Explorer, if you connect the device to the PC.

More space eaters games, video editing apps – such as iMovie or Moviepro – and other large apps like Pages. Does not delete it or only rarely used apps, you can load the previously purchased software later on the App Store without further payment again.

The myth of the loss of speed by background apps

In forums and Tips pages to read again and again the supposedly good advice to stop unneeded apps manually to free up memory, which then is running in the foreground apps. Formulated Spitz is claimed: apps that run in the background consume memory, system resources and make iOS eat slowly.

Actually has iOS version 5 on an effectively working multitasking kernel. Each app is running in an isolated area, is thus shielded from other apps, and into a sleep state when the app is running in the background. This does not include approximately Player or Internet apps that get special rights. The storage of frozen apps in the background is managed dynamically and is the foreground program largely available again. Therefore, you can save yourself the constant quit apps. With iPutzfrau 2 (0.89 euros) and Ram memory Doctor (0.89 euros) have even managed two apps in the App Store, which pretend the user to optimize the RAM memory. Phone Clean is a best iphone cleaner that can actually clean up the iOS store. Continue reading PhoneClean Promises to Cleanup of the Memory Space on your iPhone

The Best Apps to Create Videos in Slow Motion

Slow Motion

The app stores Google Play and Apple App Store are full of applications to make videos in slow motion. If your phones are an Android or iOS last generation – type Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6, for example – they already have the way to slow integrated motion. However, the iPhone 4S, the Nexus 5 smartphone Nokia Lumia or not.

Note that the applications listed below allow you to create videos in slow motion, but do not increase the number of frames per second while you record video. To get a nice slow motion and fluid, you should take into account this parameter. We highlight, as always ahead, Apple with the iPhone 6, which allows, for example, shooting at 240 frames per second.

For those who do not want to put your hand in your pocket for simple functionality, here are the best apps to create videos in slow motion. Continue reading The Best Apps to Create Videos in Slow Motion